Open Play

Open Play

If you’re looking for an exceptional paintball experience, we know you’re looking for fast-paced fun, good times and a friendly environment to play in. BlastZone Paintball is here to help, offering it all at one great place.

BlastZone Paintball rental packages offer everything you need to play. Our wooded courses feature a variety of environments including valleys, mazes, and all-out war zones. Plus, BlastZone’s Pro Shop outfits you in the latest gear.


BlastZone Paintball Fields

King of the Hill
The Fallen
Speed Woods
Rubber Jungle

Pricing and Package Info

Basic –$20
marker, mask, admission and all day air
Call to Duty 1 -$30
marker, mask, admission, all day air and 500 paintballs
Call to Duty 2 – $40
marker, mask, admission, all day air, 500 paintballs, E-trigger and upgraded barrel (allows you to shoot full-auto)[one_third]


Season Pass – $125
includes admission and compressed air for one year (pays for itself in less than 8 visits)

All day air-$7 (compressed air only)
CO2 per fill
9 to 15oz $5 per fill
16 to 24oz $6 per fill.

Air tank – $10
(includes all day air)

Mask – $5

Chest protector – $5

BT 4 gun rental – $10

Pod pack -$5
(holds extra ammo)

Only field paint permitted at Blastzone
500 paintballs – $14 to $20
2000 paintballs – $45 to $70
Paint grenades – $6 to $10